Fishing Gardner's Hole

Today we fished at one of Doug's favorite places - Gardner's Hole.  It is a beautiful valley with the Gardner River winding through it.  The wind was fairly strong but we managed to catch quite a few brook trout on a coachman's trude fly.  We walked in about one and a half miles and left all of the Yellowstone traffic behind. ~ Michelle
Here is the first fish of the day - a bit small but still worth reeling in.

Doug's first catch of the day.
Fishing from the bank of the winding Gardner River.

Here is the view in just one direction while fishing today.  Notice the snow still up on the mountains.

Yeah - This is why we carry bear spray!  If bear claws can do this to tree bark just let's not!


  1. Beautiful! Indeed, even the smallest brookie is worth a reel in...and I've noticed that sometimes the smallest are the most stunning in color...

  2. e.m.b. ~ I think the brook trout is hard to beat for pure beauty. Doug.

  3. So amazing to catch huge trouts but I find cute the small ones, its striking color.

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