Fishing the lower Gardner today...

This morning I checked in at the shop (Parks Fly Shop) and then got my truck over to the Tire Iron garage here in town for an oil change.  Richard Parks and head guide Walter Wiese asked me if I would do a little guiding for them while I'm out here for the next month.  I said I would.... one day a week.

Michelle was going to walk down into town later on after lunch and do some shopping.  So after getting the truck back, grabbing a quick lunch with Chelle and gearing up, I headed for the lower Gardner River to give it a go...

The Salmon flies and Golden Stones are flying about but the fish are not looking up yet.  My fellow guides told me that nymphs were working well.  I also had a short conversation with Matt Minch, our local fly fishing guru. He said to go with the "action nymphs" that's a "Matt's Golden Stone" and a "Matt's Bead Hare and Copper", so that's what I started with and stayed with for the two hours of fishing I did.  Two hours was enough to take me up my local beat.  Over the last three years I have been fishing this stretch of river after work from 6-8 pm. or so and I know every hole very well.

It was HOT ~ 94 degrees and very windy.  As I started fishing I could tell that someone had recently fished ahead of me, no matter I pressed on.  Even with the high fast water I was able to land 7 of 11 fish.  I had several fish on but only for a couple of seconds with the wind, fast currents and two heavy nymphs as-well-as an indicator my line control was a bit rusty.

All in all a nice outing - but the heat, Jerry the heat!  ~ that's for you Seinfeld fans ~ Doug.

Here are a couple of photos:
A nice brown trout was the first fish of the day... also the first catch on my new Orvis Hydros 6 wt. fly rod.
Later on I picked up this nice rainbow on a bead-hare-copper nymph. 


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