The Gardner River at the High Bridge

Our fishing trip today was on the Gardner River near the High Bridge.  We walked in on a game trail to an area a little farther in than most people go.  Walking on a game trail - elk, buffalo, wolves, and yes, bear - is not always easy.  The elk may be able to walk up and down steep hills and along steep cliffs but I am not an elk!  There were some places along the trail where we had to walk right along the edge of a steep cliff and it was a long way down.  I kept my eyes on the path to make sure of my footing and tried not to think about how high we were.  We trudged through mud that almost pulled my shoes off, waded through knee deep water and climbed over wobbly river rocks.  In the end it was worth it to see some beautiful scenes and to catch some nice fish.  I caught a very nice cutbow using a Korn's Split-tail Golden Stone dry fly.  Doug spent a lot of his time guiding me and untangling my line in some pretty heavy brush.  He did catch an awesome cutthroat toward the end of our afternoon which made it all worth while.  It was a good fishing day and I know that I will sleep well tonight! ~Michelle

The start of the game trail near High Bridge over the Gardner River.

One of the runs that proved to be a favorite for the fish and for me.

Here is the cutbow that I caught.  He is the biggest fish that I have caught so far in my fly fishing experience.

Doug pulled in a beauty of a cutthroat just at the end of our afternoon.

What a beautiful place!  There is a new vista around every turn, one more amazing than the last.


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