On the Road!

July 11
55 On the Fly is on vacation!  My wife Michelle and I are embarking on a nice long vacation.  We will be visiting family in Virginia and then it is on to Montana.  We will be fly fishing, hiking, reading stacks of books, and living as Gardiner residents for several weeks.

July 12
We arrived in Virginia on Monday and set up the camper in a beautiful site.  This morning we sat out and watched the cows in the nearby field behind us and enjoyed the breeze before the predicted 100 degree heat kicked in.  We are spending time with our son Russ, daughter-in-law Shauna and our grandson Jackson.  This leg of our trip is for family time.  We had supper at camp, took a dip in the pool, and enjoyed our time together.


  1. What a great idea! The pictures are so perfect...I cannot believe that Russ has a child!!! Safe travels...

  2. So Michelle, in the photo of you and Jackson, are you teaching him how to do math mountains?

  3. Enjoyed the photos. Looking forward to trip updates.


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