Corn, Corn, and More Corn

Today we drove through four states; Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Eleven hours of driving time is much too long for one day.  We saw President Obama's stimulus money at work in many places on the roads.  We also found many places that he forgot - south of Chicago being one of them.  We had a bumpy ride during that part of the trip.
All in all it was a good day of traveling.  We stopped for a short lunch just into Iowa and made it quick since the heat was unbearable.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  We had thoughts of staying overnight at a Walmart when we originally planned the trip but that changed with the weather.  We can't imagine sitting inside our little metal box on a night like this without the AC.  It was a good day to be in a moving vehicle.
Much of what we saw today was corn field after corn field - oh, and some soybean fields here and there too.  These fields went on and on with quite a few wind turbines sticking up along the landscape.  It is beautiful country to ride through but the last hour seemed like it was never going to end.  We finally got to the campsite in Jackson, MN and couldn't wait to jump in the pool.  Too bad that the water was about 90 degrees.  Not as refreshing as we would have liked but we will take it on a day like today.  We are hoping for a quiet night since last night we were kept awake by a serious thunder and lightening storm.


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