Fishing in Gardner's Hole

Gardner's Hole is a favorite fishing spot of Doug's.  We hiked in about 2 miles past the stand of pine trees that you see in the picture.  There is a small canyon just beyond that spot that Doug wanted to explore and fish.  This area is so awesome - as in big and beautiful!  When you stand up on the trail and look out it is just amazing.  And you don't hear any noise but the wind!  It was a great day and hard to say good-bye to this amazing place on earth.  But we will be back!

This is where we started fishing.  We worked our way up into the canyon area along the winding river.

Doug found these elk sheds right around the river.

Can you even ask for a more wonderful place to spend the day?

We fished for several hours and caught a ton of fish!  Many of them were small brook trout but they are still fun to catch.  The male brook trout are so colorful.  Here are some pictures of Doug and I catching one of the many fish of the day.

Doug found this monster elk shed on our hike out of Gardner's Hole.  It is the biggest one that he has ever seen.  Check out the length compared to his arm.  The diameter of the shed was incredible.

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