The Beauty of the Gardner River - Scenery (Part 2)

Words cannot describe the place that we were today.  We hiked into a place that has not been seen by many people.  I am so fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and brave guide that has investigated all of these places and is happy to share them with me.  It will be a place and a feeling that I will never forget!  God has provided wondrous things in nature!  Yes, we did some fishing (see Part 1)  but the hiking and views won out today.  Take a look at these photos - they say it all. ~Michelle

This is called Sheepeater Cliff.

A waterfall along the way.  I thought this was awesome - little did I know what was ahead!

I wish you could hear the power in this water.

We are way above this waterfall even though it doesn't look like it in this photo.  We had to watch our footing as we were very close to the edge at some places.

This is the first meadow along our route.  Our hike in was high above this area.  The river below looks small but only because it is far below where I am standing.

A pond filled with lily pads?  Where did that come from??

Picture perfect!  See the mountains in the background?

Here is my favorite spot to date!  This waterfall is so wide and it cascades down for a long stretch.  It is amazing when you walk up on it but even more awesome when you get to the bottom and look up at it.  I caught two rainbow trout right here in the dark water just below the white water - yes, standing in a waterfall!

The water from the falls turns this little corner and moves on down the canyon.  We walked down here to start our fishing portion of the trip.

Looking back up at the waterfall right after the turn.

The water is fast but shallow in most places.  I didn't want to follow Doug up here but he convinced me and I'm so glad that I did!  What an amazing feeling standing here!

A little yellow bellied marmot came out to say hello.

Looking down on our walk out.  Believe me it is high up above that river!

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