A Great Morning

A natural jacuzzi on the Gardner River where we took a dip first thing in the morning.  Look closely and you will see heads in with all the rocks.
We started our morning by taking a dip in the Gardner River.  There is a spot on the river where a boiling pot empties in and mixes with the cold river water.  It is a natural jacuzzi and it was so cool - and hot!!  We sat in the water next to a little cascade and let the river water wash over us.  All around was nothing but blue sky and beautiful scenery.  After we dried off and changed we drove a ways to Roosevelt Lodge and just made the breakfast hour.  We sat out on the old porch and intended to read but the scenery and buffalo were too much competition.  We saw a herd of buffalo right across from the lodge and got out to hear them lowing and calling to each other.  While on our way back to camp we stopped to see some gorgeous views and at one spot saw a golden eagle flying around in a valley.  He was a beautiful bird and big - they can have a wing span of 6-7 feet - yes I said feet!  One more stop in Mammoth Hot springs and then it was home for a quiet afternoon and hot dogs on the grill! ~ Michelle

Looking down the Gardner River - such a beautiful sight.

 Yielding to these huge beasts is a must.  He could have eaten the little car in front of him for breakfast.
Having a second cup of coffee on the porch of Roosevelt Lodge.

We saw a golden eagle in this valley.  Unfortunately he was too far to capture with the camera
Isn't it cool that no matter where we are in this big country we can all still see the same full moon!

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