"Last Chance" on the Yellowstone River

Last night we had Wally and Wilson up to our RV for dinner.  Hots, hamburgers, baked beans, deviled eggs, coleslaw and homemade camper cookies for dessert.  Michelle out did herself...  Later a campfire, a few PBR's and LOTS of fishing talk.  It was great to spend some time with the guys.

With only today to fish and tomorrow for packing up and prepping to leave Yellowstone Country I fished my "Last Chance" for this YNP season.   We head back to VA. early on Monday, Aug. 22nd...

Michelle decided yesterday's fishing was tough to beat so she settled in with a good book and the mountains for company.  But I had to get out one more time for a couple of hours on the Yellowstone River down the old road...  With 14 fish brought to hand and the landing of my first "double" in YNP,  I couldn't ask for a better ending.

Here are some photos:

Beautiful Cutthroat

"Last Chance Double" a Cutthroat and a Rainbow, netting two fish at once is tricky...

Rainbow on a Dave Downie Fox Squirrel Nymph
see here: http://55onthefly.blogspot.com/2011/06/fox-squirrel-nymph-by-dave-downie.html

"Last Fish"

What a wonderful time we have had experiencing the sights and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park as-well-as fishing it's rivers and streams.  It's truly been a gift and to do it with my wife, what a joy!  I couldn't ask for a better partner.  Michelle, I look forward to our next fish, "on the fly". ~ Doug.

Note: For those of you keeping score at home the Antler Round-up is over,
final score: Doug = 13 Michelle = 0, she never got off the schnide...

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