Our Last Nights in Gardiner, MT

Our last campfire in Gardiner was on a typical cool evening with the gentle breeze that always blew through the mountains.  We made some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in our pie iron - Yum!  We hated to go to bed knowing that we only had one last day in this peaceful place.  The next day we packed up, took a walk, and had dinner at Rosie's.  We met some good friends there for a last drink or two and promised to stay in touch.

Grilled cheese done to perfection!

Doug, Ben, and Wilson - some great friends in Gardiner.
We certainly have done everything we wanted to do (except for my zip-lining) and definitely more than we expected.  We saw some beautiful places and went to areas where only a few lucky people get to go.  It was such a privilege to be able to experience YNP the way that we did.  Doug has been scouting out all of the best spots for the past several years and he picked out all of the best ones to share with me.  We are in awe of the beauty and majesty of this place and marvel at the diversity and openness.  My favorite spot was the waterfall at Sheepeater.  Thank you Doug for making me walk up the rock into the waterfall.  Thank you for taking me up to Slough Creek and into second meadow.  Thank you for pushing me to climb into canyons, wade through rushing streams, hike up to higher vistas, and do things that I was almost afraid to do.  With you as my guide, I had the experience of a lifetime and will treasure the gift of this trip forever.  Love you! ~Michelle

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