Today is one of those "Lazy Days" in camp...

Last night I met up with a fellow turkey hunter and NWTF award winning call maker - Marlin Watkins here in Gardiner.  He showed me some of his turkey box calls and I ran them a bit as we sat and talked turkey in front of the Great Western where he was staying.  Super calls and a super guy.  We had a PBR and shared fishing and turkey hunting tales well into the evening...

This morning Michelle and I slept in then went out to the "Two Bit Saloon" for brunch.... Can you say "breakfast burrito"?  Oh Yeah...

Michelle and old Stella enjoying a good book

Back at camp things slowed way down to -
Montana speed...

Michelle says things will speed up later with pizza on the grill, followed by a game of Dominos...
Why Dominos?  To avoid playing Gin!

Notice the two flies on the book - see below

My book choice is "No Shortage of Good Days" by John Gierach, an appropriate title for this vacation to say the least.

The two flies are a deadly combo with the Split-tail used as the top fly and the Go2 trailing 14 inches or so tied off the bend of the hook...
I promised photos of this fly, so here you go.

Korn's Split-tail Golden Stone Fly

--- See earlier post for the tying instructions.
top view

bottom view

My version of the Go2 Prince by Rick Takahasi, you can find tying instructions by googling it...
or here:


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