Yellowstone River+Hopper+Dropper=Dinner

Once every season I have a trout dinner here in Yellowstone Country.

Today I fished the Yellowstone River in a spot I love to fish the Hopper-Dropper when the hoppers are a hopping.  With a Korn's Split-tail Hopper in tan and pink on top and a Go2 Prince on point they delivered 22 trout to hand in about two hours of fishing.  It doesn't get much easier than that, too easy really, even in the high winds we had today.  I think I could have caught 50+ fish if I had stayed out longer, but I had my limit of trout and I had satisfied my desire to be fishing...  Funny, on the tough days you've got to drag me off the river... Not today, I clipped my flies and headed for the RV.  ~ Dougie

Note: see for my hopper-dropper set-up.

These fish are hidden in the rocks below and dart up to take your flies, fun!

"on the fly"


one of several Cutty's caught today...

rainbow trout
fried fish, sweet potatoes and coleslaw... Oh Yeah! 

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