Tidbits from Today's Travels

Here are a few interesting pictures from our trip to Old Faithful today.  Enjoy!

This is Mammoth Hot Springs.  Mineral deposits cause the different colors in the formations.  Liberty Cap is the rock on the left.

This is one small part of the park that was burned in a huge fire in 1988.  The kind of trees that were burned are Lodge Pole Pines.  They have seeds in their pine cones that are only released when in a fire.  Notice all of the downed trees that were killed.  You can see the small pines that have grown from those seeds and are starting to replace the burned ones.   Nature is amazing!  There is your Cliff Claven little known fact for the day.

Some geyser holes off in the distance.  You see many of these along with boiling pots down around Old Faithful.

These are sand hill cranes and we spotted them in the field.  They are big birds!


Elk are usually hanging around in Mammoth Hot Springs area.  Today there were about 30 or more just wandering around for the tourists.

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