The Amazing Beartooth Highway Part 1

Today we drove through the northeastern part of YNP through Cook City to get onto the Beartooth Highway.  It is rated the most scenic highway in North America.  Check out the details at the website.
I have attached only a few of the many photos that we took today and we knew that we would be disappointed in them.  Not that the photos are bad - they are awesome.  It is just that when we look at them, they do not capture the vastness, the majesty, the sheer height of the mountains that we traveled through and on.  Travelling on this highway was a little daunting.  At times we were so high up that we felt we could touch the clouds.  Of course when you are up that high, it is a long way down.  I tried not to panic as we edged our way back and forth on the sides of the mountains going around hairpin turns that had you looking out over nothing but air.  We climbed up for what seemed like forever away from trees and into still snowy areas.  We saw people actually tubing in one patch of snow probably 10,000 feet up!  The air was so crisp and clean.  
Check out Part 2 of our adventure today.  ~ Michelle

It was so crazy to see so much snow in August.  Not only did we see people tubing but we saw tracks on one area from skiers - crazy!!

Doug on top of the world.

This looks like it was taken out of the window of an airplane but we were standing at the edge of a very steep mountain.

Flowers are everywhere up in the higher elevations.


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