The Beartooth Highway Part 2

Here is part 2 of our trip on the Beartooth Highway.
Buffalo in Lamar Valley - one of my favorite places.

At the end of our eastward trip on Beartooth Highway is a town called Red Lodge.  It is an old town with lots of unique shops to visit (much better than my Livingston experience).  We found - of all things - an English pub where we had a nice lunch.  Doug had fish and chips and I had a cornish pasty which brought back memories of my trip to England with my mom.  We walked through some of the shops and then got back on the road to brave the heights one more time.  The views were spectacular the second time since we were seeing everything from a different angle.  We stopped at several pull-outs along the way to marvel at the scenery.  When we entered YNP again we drove until we got to Lamar Valley - one of my favorite places.  We saw hundreds of bison in the valley and some were blocking traffic for a while.  We ate our picnic dinner at a spot near Black Tail Creek.  Stella was along for the trip today and enjoyed watching the prairie dogs around our picnic site.  It was a great day and if you ever get the chance to touch the sky at Beartooth Highway - go for it!!  ~ Michelle

The town of Red Lodge.

English beer for an English lunch.

Check out the winding roads on the side of this mountain.  It is much steeper in real life...believe me!


A beautiful and fast waterfall that we hiked up to after seeing it as we went over a bridge.

Our Stella dog - she is such a good traveler!


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