Black Canyon of the Yellowstone River

Michelle and I had fabulous dinner at Rosie's here in Gardiner.  After dinner we met up with Ben and Wilson and had a few PBR's and of course talked about the guide trips the guys had and our day on Slough Creek... At some point in the conversation Ben said he had the day off tomorrow and that he had marked me off on the PFS guide trip calendar as well, hmmmmm...

I said: "Where are you thinking of going?"

Ben said: "Black Canyon."

"Wow, that's a good hike and I just did 11 miles into Slough Creek, the Black Canyon will be another 8-9 miles..."

"So, are you game?"

"Chelle is it OK with you?"  She said: "Go have fun."

"OK I'm in." I said.  (thinking I must be crazy for doing back-to-back hikes on this ankle)

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone - hiking in...
Suspension Bridge over the Yellowstone River

BUT--- I'm so glad I did... Ben and I had a great day of fishing and fellowship.  He is great to be around, easy going, carefree and one hell of a fisherman.   We caught a boat load of fish in the 12-16 inch range.  Ben's best fish was 18 inches, which we failed to capture on film and mine was also about 17-18 inches the photo is below...

Another wonderful day in Yellowstone, thanks Ben for dragging me another 9 miles to go fishing ~ I loved every minute of it... ~ Doug.

On the streamer in a big eddy, it's so cool to see them come and get the fly.


Ben's Cutthroat - we caught almost all Cutthroats

A hopper-dropper accounted for a bunch of fish too...

Fat healthy fish - just beautiful...

My fish of the day...


  1. Wow...another great spot and a lot of big fish!

  2. Catching some hogs out there in YNP I am a bit jealous. Hope all is well and that old ankle is holding up. I think we should try some spots in NY when you come back. -SK-


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