A Day in Livingston, Montana

Today I drove into Livingston to check out the small shops in the historical section that I had read about. There is not much in this old town but it was fun to see the old buildings and poke around in the antique/junk shops.  The drive to and from Livingston was the best part of the afternoon.  It is amazing how big the mountains are and how much room there is out here.  When you see cattle on a ranch they are spread out so far and look like little black dots on the landscape.  This is very different than the cows we see in NY all crowded into a small farm area.  Doug stayed home and kept his foot up.  Hopefully the swelling will start to go down soon and he will be back in business.  
We had a campfire tonight with the campers next door from Oswego.  We enjoyed the company and the millions of bright stars above us. ~Michelle

One view of Main Street Livingston, Montana.  It is an historic place but not much as far as shopping goes.

Here is some of what you see when driving the stretch between Gardiner and Livingston.  It is a beautiful drive along the Yellowstone River and among all of the mountains.  I put on a little Zack Brown Band and enjoyed the drive.

The weather can change quickly here in Gardiner.  We planned to have dinner outside but this big cloud and some thunder rolled in so we went inside.  After about 15 minutes the cloud had passed and it was blue skies again.


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