Horseback Riding

This morning we went on a 2 hour horseback ride up at the Hell's-a-Roaring horse ranch in Jardine.  Jardine is a small "town" about 7 miles above Gardiner.  Just getting up the bumpy, narrow dirt road to the ranch was interesting.  We had a wonderful ride through the woods up and down the mountainside.  

Here are some pictures of part of the ranch.  Take a look at the building with the sod roof.  They even had pansies growing on it.  You can come here and stay at the house or in tents.  It is a beautiful ranch with so many horses!
Beautiful animals and a beautiful view.

We were ready to ride.  Doug is on Spike who liked to stop and nibble all kinds of plants.

I rode on Rex off into the sunset - or sunrise I guess!

Over the river and through the woods.  Rusty!!

This is what Gardiner looks like from up past Jardine.  At the bottom left you can see the campground that we are in.  We are parked in the row farthest to the left at the edge of the campground. 


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