Living in Gardiner, MT

Living as a Gardiner MT resident for a month was wonderful.  The pace is nice and slow, the air is soft and cool.  The town itself is small and you can visit each store and business easily within a few hours.  There are no stop lights and the library is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Once you are done checking out the town, there is nothing left to do but read, fish and relax. In Gardiner we walked everywhere.  It was good daily exercise since our campground was up a pretty steep hill.   Right next door is the amazing Yellowstone River and we could go over and play anytime we wanted to.

Looking up at our campground.  Those buildings with red roofs are little cabins that you can rent.

This is the view from the bridge going over the Yellowstone river.  See the campground in the upper left?

Parks Fly Shop

This is Park's Fly Shop where Doug works - or worked.  He is still tying flies for them throughout the year but he was not doing much guiding this year - except for me!  The shop has been here in Gardiner since 1953.

Across the street from the fly shop is the Two Bit Saloon.  You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner there and a $1 PBR.  One of our favorite restaurants called the Raven used to be attached to the Two Bit but was sorely missed this year!
Here is Rosie's where you can have a good dinner downstairs - The Big Sky pasta dish is Doug's favorite and I had a great rib-eye there.  The you can move upstairs and have a PBR on the roof and look out at the park.  We watched the sun go down and the moon come up on several nights.  Usually we had some good company with us also.
Here is the rest of this stretch of Gardiner.  Most of these are little souvenir shops but there is also a good little coffee place.
This is one of my favorite views and places in Gardiner.  This is the arch that welcomes people into Yellowstone National Park.  "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people" is engraved on the top.  Built in 1903 it is a cool monument.  We can't wait to see it again soon!


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